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The Agency for Contemporary Architecture and Interior Design, based in Nice, was founded in 2011 by the Italian architect Luana Natale.

After studying Design and Architecture in Milan, Luana created her first company in Italy in 2007, working on interior architecture and design projects.

She quickly began collaborating on projects on the French Riviera, leading to the opening of her own agency in France.

Her studies have allowed her to develop skills at different scales, ranging from the design of an object to the design of a building. Working at multiple scales is an added value in a project, as it allows for equal attention to all elements, large and small. Attention to detail is the foundation for a successful project.

Having grown up in the Milanese design sector, she brings to her projects a touch of refined design, contemporary and timeless at the same time.

At the same time, it does not fail to move towards research and innovation.
She believes in creating spaces that can improve the quality of life through design.

In her agency, Luana is personally involved throughout the projects, following the different phases, leading the concepts and relations with the clients and supervising the execution.

Her skills, allow the agency to manage different sizes of projects and also take care of all the administrative steps necessary to obtain permit authorizations. This allows the client to deal with a single interlocutor who manages all the steps from A to Z, who conceives a coherent project between the different aspects, aesthetic and that respects the local regulations.

With regard to architecture in particular, she regularly acquired expertise in bioclimatic and respect for the environment, an important and topical theme.

About us


  • 2000: Graduated from the Milan School of Art – Designer
  • 2006: Graduate of the Polytechnic School of Milan – Architect DFAPM (DPE equivalent)

  • 2007: Registration to the Order of Italian Architects
  • 2010: Inscription to the Order of French Architects : regional number 02002
  • 2010: Registration to Insurance Company of Architectes (MAF): contract 152331/B

  • 2007: Creation of her agency in Italy and collaboration with France
  • 2011: Creation of her own agency in France

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