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House in provencal countryside

About the project


The property is located in a pretty Provençal village surrounded by vineyards, it was acquired to become a second home.

The land, with an area of ​​approximately 1100 m2, and lot of plants, our clients were looking for a house with a large garden to be able to build a swimming pool.

There were several buildings on the property: the main house, built in the 1960s, with a large terrace that was built later, as well as a guest’s house. This construction existed before the main house and was later renovated.

Attached to the house, there was a garage, which had been built at the same time of the house and next to it, the first owner had built a greenhouse to shelter the plants in winter.

Before the purchase, the property was owned by two different owners, the second one had carried out work in several stages, but everything was now dilapidated.

The interior did not suit the new owners, neither for the organization of functions nor for aesthetics.

Also, all the installations had to be redone, plumbing, heating and electricity.

The house was quite dark, because the terrace was sheltered by a pergola covered with platic panels, which took away a lot of light.

In order to carry out this work, it was necessary to obtain authorizations from the city

Regarding the reorganization of functions, the principle was to organize the living space on the terrace side and the bedrooms on the rear side of the house, the living and kitchen had to be in a single large volume and no longer separated in small rooms.


In the house there was a large Provençal style fireplace, which was not pleasant and took up a lot of space. We have kept the idea of the fireplace, but by installing a contemporary glazed model on three sides in order to be able to enjoy the atmosphere created by the fire, from all the living spaces.

Concerning the garage and the greenhouse, the two spaces have been united in a single large volume to make a winter garden.

The charming side of this room was the light effect created by the windows, so to replace the garage door, we had an identical window made by a blacksmith, in order to obtain two completely glazed sides which give the garden view.

The idea of this area was to take advantage of the vegetation while being sheltered.

The general idea was to give this property spaces to live according to the seasons, in summer the garden with swimming pool and the large terrace, during the intermediate seasons the winter garden and during the cold season inside the house with its fireplace.

Regarding aesthetics, in order to provide the rooms with as much clarity as possible, the walls have been painted with light colours, with the lower section paint with a slightly darker colour.

The floor has been redone with terracotta tiles and black tile baseboard to create a contrast.

The terrace and the winter garden floor have been tiled with patterns that the owners have chosen to energize the spaces.

This black ribbon was the common thread that linked the different coverings, both in the form of a plinth and otherwise as a decorative cornice.

A new pergola aesthetically lighter, took the place of the old one which did not correspond anymore to the style of the house and darkened the interior.


To create the winter garden, the roof had to be completely redone, to make the slope uniform and also because the old roof was in bad condition and not at all suitable for a space intended to be inhabited.

For more thermal comfort, it was also necessary to insulate the floor, the walls and the roof.

An air conditioning system has been installed to compensate for seasonal temperature changes.


In the property, the constructions have not undergone any major change in layout, in the garden a pool has been planned in the elongated part of the land because the clients wanted a lap pool.

Regarding the interior of the main house, the bedroom took the place of the kitchen and vice versa.

In order to create a large living space on the terrace side, where the interior and exterior are directly connected through the three French windows.

This allows a smooth flow between all functions to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

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